Young Artist: Adrian Gama


The last artwork that Adrian shared with us is “The Bandaged Chest” this artwork represents gender dysphoria. Adrian said it represents, “the pain one goes through to feel decent about themselves.”

The artist himself

Young artists at MLA are very talented and say that there are unique ways to show emotion and attitude. These young artists have been through a lot and would like you to know a little bit about them and what they think and feel when they draw. So stay tuned to this artist’s profile.  Let’s begin…

Adrian Gama was born in Chicago, IL, on October 26th, 2004. He identifies as a transgender male. He started drawing when he was in the 5th grade, around the age of 10 – 11. He likes to draw cartoons and anime and also likes to do 3D sculptures. He has done about 2 photographs but claims he’s not good at photography. Growing up was hard for him because he couldn’t express himself and art helped him to express himself without being judged.  Adrian said, “Art could really be your only thing and you can have fun with it.” Criminal documentaries and his personal life are what inspire his transitioning artwork. Today he’s sharing 3 artworks done by him.