The E-sports Club


Tyler Laredo

The members of the E-sports club playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The gaming club is for students who love gaming and are more on the competitive side. The E-sports club meets Monday and Wednesday 3:30- 4 P.M. The members of the gaming club are mostly middle schoolers with a current total of 6 members. The game they are most focused on is Super Smash Bros Ultimate, a Nintendo Switch game that came out on December 7, 2018. The evolution of gaming has gained a ton of support over the years and it shows no sign of stopping. Gaming has gained so much popularity that schools have clubs for the competition side of gaming. A wide variety of video game clubs are available at different schools around the world. 

Ivan E. Rayner ([email protected]) who is in charge of The E-sports club at MLA loves the excitement the kids bring when they are having fun playing games with each other. Luis Mejia, a member of the E-sports club, likes the competition of playing with friends and enjoys the club.  Axel Amezola is another member of the E-sports club who has had an amazing experience at the club and he was looking for a space to play video games with friends.

MLA NEWS: How could you describe the club?

Dr. Rayner: “E-sports is something that is new to me the whole concept is to try gear towards being competitive in the video game arena  and it looks like esports is something that is being recognized by colleges and universities and kids that if they really get into it they could get scholarships or recognition for it.”

Luis M:” It is pretty fun and very competitive between each other”

Axel A: “It’s super amazing I like the experience and it’s been too crazy around here”

MLA NEWS: Any Favorite Games?

Dr. Rayner: “I like little weird games like tower defense games Sometimes I play strategy games. I used to really be into the civilization games. I don’t really have a stomach for first-person shooters and I’m not too good at fighting games.” 

Luis M: ”Mario Kart”

Axel A: “I like fighting games like Super Smash Bros, So it’s my favorite.”

MLA News: What is it like being in a club like this?

Dr. Rayner: ” It’s pretty exciting and the kids are really into the special characters, finding out different moves and tactics for progression along the games. This is a chance where they come together and actually compete because one thing that I know in high school and middle school a lot of times when they leave school, they don’t have any time to hang out it’s like people don’t meet up and hang out with friends.”

Luis M:” It is pretty good, it’s nice having a good break after school just to relax and play games with friends”

Axel A: “It’s a fun club to be in, you can play different games with friends.”

MLA NEWS: What do you like the most about the club?

Dr. Rayner: “The excitement that the kids have when playing” 

Luis M:” We all competitive with each other and are able to become better off one another”

Axel A: “How you can play tournaments or maybe unlock new characters in the game”

MLA News: What do you dislike the most about the club?

Dr. Rayner: “That extends the time to the end of my day but it makes it a long day but at the same time it is still worth it”

Luis M:” When someone spams a move over and over again.”

Axel A: “When you’re playing matches it’s impossible to take down your friends in the game because if they have more experience, it could get crazy.”

MLA News: What made you sign up?

Dr. Rayner: “E-Sports is a growing thing and I wanted MLA to have a part of it”

Luis M:” Because my friends coming here and because of my general enjoyment of video games.” 

Axel A: “I wanted to have fun after school on Mondays and Wednesdays so I decided to join the E-sports club”