Young Artist: Judas Kit Diaz


My most recent artwork, the cooler heart came to me while I was brainstorming what to do next after the skin mask. I was on a stump and didn’t know what to do next. The middle of the heart is made up of a big ball of tape that I would then wrap with modeling clay. I would add on screws & nails just as I did for the skin mask and I’d use several references online to try to get the shape right. My plan for the cooler heart is to put it in a cooler filled with coca colas.

Young artists at MLA are very talented and say that there are unique ways to show emotion and attitude. These young artists have been through a lot and would like you to know a little bit about them and what they think and feel when they draw. So stay tuned to this artist’s profile.  Let’s begin…

Judas Kit Diaz was born in Chicago IL, on January 29th, 2006. Judas has been drawing since he was in the 3rd grade which is about 8 years he started because that is when loneliness started kicking in and he started using it as a coping mechanism. Judas gets inspired by many things but mainly thinks about doing art about real-life events. Judas’ theme is cannibalism and Murder. He is creating 3D body parts, he is putting them in normal-appearing places like a fridge, or cooler. Growing up he was neglected alot by his parents and was baby sited the entire time but it was in the 3rd grade that the loneliness hit. He was in school and it was a half day and he lost all his friends, he did not know where they were. Judas was sitting in front of 2 older girls and basically, they were the ones that introduced art to him, and from that day on he just continued to draw. Judas says he was not a good drawer and for most of his life he was surrounded by that deep pit of loneliness. Art is what has helped Judas get out of that, and has brought him to the point where art is a piece/part of him. He is proud of all his artwork.

Judas is very talented and has amazing artwork and a great way of doing things, and is proud of his artwork. They all have a hard and strong meaning and he is proud to put them on our website we should be amused by what he is capable of doing and the art he makes and the amount of detail and effort he puts into all his work Thank you for sharing this artwork and a little bit about your self.