Cadet of the First Quarter- 7th Grade

Cadet of the Quarter- Garcie Diaz


Picture by Ariana Serrano

7th-Grade Cadet of the Quarter, Gracie Diaz

Garcie Diaz

MLA News: What did you do to receive this award?

Diaz: “Have good grades and always be on time for school. Always have good grooming standards.”

MLA News: What advice can you give to other cadets who want this award?

Diaz: “Make sure students get their grades and to be responsible when finishing work. As well as not losing any uniform item because that gives the instructors a good idea of who you are.”

MLA News: Do you think it’s important for cadets to strive for this goal?

Diaz: “It’s important because it’s a good award to feel proud of yourself.”

MLA News: What did you feel when you were told you were going to receive this award?

Diaz: “Very excited and shocked and did not know I would get this award.”

MLA News: What kind of person are you both in and out of class? Interest?

Diaz: “Quiet during class and more social during out of class.”