Cadet of the First Quarter- Senior

Senior Cadet – Sanchez, Lisbeht


Picture by Ariana Serrano

Senior Cadet of the Quarter, Lisbeht Sanchez

Sanchez, Lisbeht

MLA News: What did you do to receive this award?

Sanchez: “Good grades and attendance can help become cadet of the quarter.”

MLA News: What advice can you give to other cadets who want this award?

Sanchez: “Being helpful to the staff and instructors. Being responsible and part of the ambassador club, I go to elementary schools to talk about MLA.”

MLA News: Do you think it’s important for cadets to strive for this goal?

Sanchez: “It is important to strive for cadet of the quarter. Meeting the instructor and counselors may have helped me become a cadet of the quarter.” 

MLA News: What did you feel when you were told you were going to receive this award?

Sanchez: “Confused about how I was chosen for the award, based on my overall attendance and grades.”

MLA News: What kind of person are you both in and out of class? Interest?

Sanchez: “Helpful, volunteers out of school, outside programs.”