MLA’S Film Class Exists and Thrives

Along with core classes, MLA also offers a film class. This class is run by Mr. Saporito and allows students to enjoy great films while enriching their knowledge about them.

Mr. Saporito created a film class in order to teach cadets how to enjoy and create films. This class also teaches students that there is a potential career in filmmaking. As Ms. Zolden commented,

All the time students have a lot of imagination. That imagination can help them make great films.

— Ms Zolden

And the best way to learn about filmmaking is to watch and analyze films that can be considered works of art.

The students who decided to attend this class did so to “learn more about film” as said by Villareal Alvis, a current student. In order to understand these films, the class watches them while keeping the topic being taught in mind. One of the topics is the idea of motifs. The ideas that the creator of a film wants to portray will keep on appearing throughout the movie. This way of teaching is geared toward learning through movie-viewing experiences rather than learning through lectures. The results show during the final project. At the end of the year, cadets are allowed to create their own films using the skills they learned throughout the year. While they may be made by amateur filmmakers, Mr. Saporito says that the films are remarkable.