Grad Nite

A senior field trip filled with anticipation: Six Flags from 10 P.M. to 3 A.M. This late-night trip has students sleep-deprived until the bus arrives and it’s time for a quick power nap. 


This year’s trip had some drama around who could attend. Forty tickets were available and many students were unable to go due to lack of tickets. The ticket’s original price was $100 but was changed to $50. A survey was sent out to almost 120 seniors, but only forty students actually filled it out. Unfortunately, the 40 students who filled out the form weren’t the 40 who were able to get a ticket. Manuel Morales noted, “Overall I felt bothered because I was one of the ones who filled out the form and felt I should’ve been reserved a ticket but the ones who didn’t fill out the form were able to go.”


Six Flags’ Grad Nite is filled with seniors from other schools; it was a night filled with anticipation for what ride could be the most fun after dark and most were hoping wait lines would be shorter than the rest. But, some of the wait lines, thought to be short, turned out to be long, as Rogelio Maldonado noted he had to “wait for an hour just for one ride” However Rogelio was able to get on the Demon without having to wait. I was there and experienced most things, that Rogelio experienced also when I forgot to interview students on the way back and saw as most people were falling asleep on the bus including myself.