Senior Szn!!


Prom 2023

It’s that time of the year, where the senior class begins to get closer to the finish line. We are currently awaiting our upcoming senior events. We have Luncheon, Prom, a Graduation rehearsal, and of course Graduation!! Thankfully we are successfully closing this chapter out with these everlasting memories. 

Along with these events, comes a lot of planning. I am one of the people who is involved within the planning and it is not easy. As the senior class company commander it is my responsibility to plan out all their senior events with the help of the battalion staff and my company staff, together we all contribute ideas and how we are going to arrange things to make these events possible. The reason why we are the ones planning these events is simply because we are the assigned staff, however we do make sure that we incorporate the opinions of the senior class because these events are for them and of course it should be things that they want to see and have at their events. Honestly this year has been somewhat of a struggle because things don’t always go as planned. It is difficult to plan things out when not everyone puts in their input when they are asked to. Take for example, prom.  

Prom is the highlight of the senior year and it should be planned accordingly. For this we had to come up with a theme to order decorations and next Friday we will be setting up at the prom. The way we chose the theme was by putting out a google form to the senior class with different themes and decorations to give them a visual of what they consisted of. One of the hardest parts of planning this event was getting everyone to contribute by actually filling out the google form we put out. This year the seniors haven’t been as

cooperative as we have wanted them to be, and completing simple tasks has been harder than it should have been. With that, there is no doubt that we do have that group that is willing to contribute to the senior activities that are for them to enjoy: after a little of bit of nagging, a good 70% of seniors gave us their opinion.

The theme for MLA’s 2023 senior class prom will be… RED CARPET!!. With this theme we will have invitations like you would get if you were going to the red carpet, we will get a glass cup at the prom with the theme on it, and we will each receive a ticket before so we could present it at the entrance. The idea of the ticket, invitation and the glass cup were all made possible thanks to our biggest helpers and supporters, Ms.Pantoja and Ms. Montalvo. These two ladies were very excited to help us out in ordering and also choosing the theme for this year’s prom. It was very exciting for them because they stated “ This is actually the first year the whole senior class attends prom.” 

We are thankful nevertheless for this graduating class because regardless of where we stand I think that our senior class has gone through the most and the fact that we are here standing two weeks away from graduation (the first graduating class with nearly 100% attendance), is a beautiful thing. To my Seniors Thank you for everything, good & bad, I wish you all the best always and in everything that you do. & to the class of 2023 we are one team one fight!! 


Thanks for the ride <3