What is a “Bulldog Buck”?


     If you didn’t know, we have a bulldog bodega here in the school. Just imagine it as Chucky Cheese where you need a certain amount of tickets for an item that you want but instead, you get bulldogs as currency to get either a shirt, sweater, candy, or other items. It is open every Thursday during lunch hours. Many students here at MLA, like Brandon Guzman and Josue Villalta, consider BULLDOG BUCKS as a “type of reward” or a “currency for our school.” Another thing that they agree with is that you get BULLDOG BUCKS by “being a good student and staying on task or going to class, being on time, being respectful and doing your work.”. Brandon and Josue have agreed that it is a “reward or redemption” and “a currency for our school.”  Their idea of getting BULLDOG BUCKS is different for every student but it’s similar at the same time. Brandon G explains that you get them by “being a good student and staying on task. Overall there’s different ways of getting them, it all depends on the teacher’s standards.” Similarly, Josue V. says that you have to “Be good in class, be on time, be respectful.”  This BULLDOG currency is something that has been around for a while, at least as long as I have been a High school student: 2019. Brandon and Josue have agreed that the currency has been around for a while but do not really know when it was first introduced.

     These are the perspectives of students, Ms. Gangaloo is the one who has organized the BULLDOG Bodega. Ms. Gangaloo gives a different idea of the meaning of BULLDOG BUCKS.  “[The Bodega] is what we call a positive intervention system. Basically to help students to make better choices, honoring their courage and commitment. To have more positive behavior around the school.” Most teachers in the school have a paper that explains how the BULLDOG BUCKS system works and how certain actions have different prices. These are a few ways you could get them according to Ms. Gangaloo “By making good choices around the building showing honor, courage, and commitment.” You may also get them in class. The purpose of this is “To get more feedback or to get more students to participate. We see it more positively with the middle school students’ Ms Gangaloo may have brought the bodega back but we still know when it was first introduced. “There has been a bulldog bodega before, it’s just something we brought back. It was a good experience the first time it was announced.” It’s nice to see the Bodega come back.