El Taconazo Jr:  Juicy Meats for a Steep Price

El Taconazo Jr:  Juicy Meats for a Steep Price

El Taconazo Jr., is a neighborhood restaurant with foods ranging from tacos to burgers.  There you will find a plaza and an assortment of different kinds of people. It’s a classic neighborhood hole-in-the-wall vibe, with menus placed on the walls like paintings.  The place clearly doesn’t prioritize atmosphere over food because (apart from the menus) I couldn’t even remember what was on the walls.  

At El Taconazo Jr. the meats are mouth-watering but not so much the price. Tacos are $3.50 each for any type of meat chosen, while the most expensive item on the menu is $17 for Tampiquna.  

First, we were served a plate of steamy mouth-watering carne asada tacos with spicy onion and green cilantro. It is great and looks pleasing! The green salsa adds an extra finish to the food and leaves our mouths in astonishment.

Next, newly stirred horchata is brought to us in a cup full of cold ice. All in one drink the sweet and brain-freezing water filled my mouth with the flavors of rice, milk, and water

Finally, the Carne Asada burrito arrived at our table and the steamy dough coming from the tortilla felt fresh and soft stuffed with the well-cooked carne asada inside with black beans and mouth-melting cheese. 

Overall the total final price was too overpriced and out of my budget as it was $45 for nine tacos being $3:50 each compared to other places where they’re usually $1:50 each and chips would normally be free with the salsa but they charged us a dollar. I would say the food is good enough to make me go back again but the price makes me think otherwise.