Girls Basketball Feature Athlete: Alondra Alba


Girls Basketball Players: Alondra Alba


Alondra Alba is a 17 year-old who loves playing basketball since she was a little kid. Here in MLA she has been playing this sport for 3 years already. She is now the basketball team’s captain, practicing Monday to Friday,  two hours everyday. During every practice, she and the team take the practice seriously- and at the sametime- they enjoy it.

Alondra also participates in cross-country, basketball, and soccer. When starting playing basketball, she would play with her cousin who is also her best friend. Basketball has brought them closer. When playing, Alba feels a comfort, it makes her feel as if she was a little kid and it helps her distract herself from problems that she has.

Her mom is what motivates her. Her mom has always supported her with everything she does, whenever she has a game her mom goes to watch her play. When first playing basketball here at MLA her freshman year she was scared and felt judged; however, little by little, basketball has helped her grow as a person and now she knows that it doesn’t matter what anybody thinks. Starting off as a freshman and now being a senior, Alba has improved by working hard, she has improved thanks to her mistakes. 

Everytime time the team wins she feels proud of the entire team, not just herself. Everyime they lose she knows that the entire team could’ve done better, however, they work on what they did wrong in that game and work on it during practice to do it better the next time.

 Communication and teamwork is what has helped them as a team.