Art 1 Paper Mache Project

Recently a new project in my Art 1 class has brought light and excitement to Ms. Zoldan’s students . This project called the Paper Mache Animal, is an assignment in which students have to build their three favorite animals into one. First they students have to sketch their design and then build it out of newspaper, cardboard, and glue. Students Kenia Toress and Cristian Castrejon share their thoughts on this.      

Both students Cristian Castrejon and Kenya Torres agreed that the Paper mache Animal project was a step up to this class and were fun to do as a result of us doing sketches all semester as Cristian said “it was fun and challenging i had a really good time doing the paper ache because all this time we were drawing or writing down notes so it felt fresh to start something new and build our drawings from scratch through newspaper.” Kenia Toress had something similar  “we finally get to build our sketches out of materials which is what art really is about.” Ms. Zoldan who came up with this assignment to further see the creativity that we put into out paper mache starting from a drawing to a sculpture and who ever had the best one would be put in a museum so it would be further competitive as well and will get students in the class intrigued in the assignment.

  With this assignment being successful and motivating for the students both Crisitan and Kenya stated that art has become both of their favorite classes. “Yes it felt like a step up in the art class because we had not made anything just drawing our art so because of this it has made Art 1 my favorite class.”  Overall i highly recommend Art 1 for future students and for students who plan to leave the class because it not of their interest i would say give it a try.