Getting to Know Your Marine Recruiter’s from RSS North Center


Emiliano Bahena

In his free time, this marine recruiter likes to “hang out with my wonderful girlfriend”


Staff Sergeant Garibaldi, a Marine recruiter who works at Marine Corp Recruiting North Center, recalls a time when he lived in a bad neighborhood in LA and a marine recruiter helped him out of it. MLA has its own recruiter who helps those who want to experience something new if they don’t know what to do in the future. 

“The Marine Corps changed my life in more ways I could have imagined and given me multiple opportunities”

— SSG Pantoja

Like most recruiters, Staff Sergeant Pantoja said the Marines gave him new opportunities.  The Marines changed their lives for the better by providing guidance in their pursuit of joining the military. 






Staff Sergeant Courtney became a recruiter to give others the same opportunities he was given and to build the best-delayed entry program in Chicago. He’s been a recruiter for six months and going strong.  He’s recruited 12 students who are referred to as Poolees. His job is to tell people the pros and cons of joining and he does just that. He is also the assigned recruiter for MLA, feel free to contact him at +1(847-812-0787) in the afternoon. 

Staff Sergeant Bruno has been a recruiter for a year and 2 months. He makes sure to tell the kids he’s talking to about the military the pros and cons of the military but also tells them about the other branches because they offer the same benefits as the Marines. 

Staff Sergeant Pantoja became a recruiter because he was given new opportunities in the Marines and because of it he was able to live in Japan for four years and a half. Be able to train and teach young men and women and because of that, he wanted to

give the young men and women the opportunity to challenge themselves and take the opportunity to become a Marine. He’s been a recruiter for two years and two months and has recruited over twenty students over the last two years who were attending high school. SSG Pantoja tells everyone interested in joining both pros and cons of the military he says “ I wasn’t lied to when I was an applicant ten years ago, so why would I lie to the future Maries I am enlisting today.” He believes

the good you receive from the Marine Corps outweigh the “cons” he’s experienced.

Staff Sergeant Garibaldi has been a recruiter for two years and a half and has recruited thirty-one students in his career. Agrees with SSG Pantoja that the pros of the military outweigh the cons of the military.