Boys Basketball Team 2023

The boys ready for the game.

The boys ready for the game.

MLA’s Boys Basketball Team Season Summary

The boys basketball team ended up 11th in conference this year with 2 wins and 8 losses, Chicago Academy was the team that placed first in conference this year. They beat Aspira Business and Finance with a total of 28 points and Disney ll with a total of 43 points and you can find all of this information on Maxpreps. It wasn’t one of their best seasons but Coach Spedale and Marcos Barboza, are proud to say that they did their best. It was a tough season but players managed to go through with it. Although they didn’t do as great this year, they’re looking forward to coming even better for next season. 

This was Mr.Spedale’s first year coaching at MLA. He’s been a basketball coach before so, according to Spedale, he wanted to bring new and fresh ideas this year, “I wanted to bring fresh ideas but I didn’t want to change what was already happening.” Spedale says that the team’s biggest issue this season was consistency, “I think they would give this answer too. It was consistency across the board. We had a few guys show up nearly everyday but life happens for some people and it’s sometimes hard to show up, but other times they grew in communication which was good.” He says that they ended things on a positive note and felt that the players who invested their time in the sport grew closer together. According to Spedale the MVP of this season was Eidan Claudio-Serrano, a point guard in the team and a junior at the school because of his consistency. 

Marcos Barboza, a center player, said that overall the season did not go as expected, “I say the season for me went kind of okay but I think as a team it did not go as planned because they wanted to win more games and I wanted to as well.” When asking Marcos about who he thought the MVP of this season was he replied with “I don’t know because everyone did their part.” Marcos also agreed with the fact that his team really did try their best, “For sure my team did their best as a whole. For me though… I still feel like I need to improve.” 

Overall, even though the season did not go as great as expected, things can always change for next year. The team did everything to the best of their ability and they ended off on a positive note. Their coach is ready for next year to come with an even better plan and the team, ready to win.