Seniors Going Places Pt 2


Seniors going places Pt 2

Senior year is the most stressful part of highschool but should also be the most fun because it is the last baby step in our lives before we go out into the real world and become adults. The following seniors were interviewed to give us some insight on what their plan after highschool will be since they will not be attending college. It is good to know that there are other paths you can take to still be successful. Thank you Rogelio Maldnonado, Nikki Agosto, & Rafael Morales, & to the class of 2023 we are one team,one fight!!


Rogelio Maldonado is a current senior who is nervously awaiting graduation. After highschool he decided to go into a trades program.  He didn’t feel continuing with school was the way to go, “I just don’t feel like i’m not the type of person to continue sitting in a classroom for days and do homework , that’s why I decided to go into trades.” Rogelio has decided that his trade will be engineering and what motivated him to go for that was the money he could get out of it. “For me my senior year has been educationally ok and in general boring lots of ups and downs” With graduation coming up “ I feel nervous because I don’t feel prepared for the real world” as we know this season of our senior  year is one of the hardest parts oh highschool because  have a lot to decided and it’s their first real life decision that will impact them primarily for this journey we call life. Rogelio is looking forward to moving on with his trade being successful, staying motivated, making money, and being happy. 


Nikki Agosto is currently a senior who is impatiently awaiting graduation, and to finally move on from this era in her life. Nikki is a very successful student who has gone for her and has decided her path is to enlist in the military. She decided to join the military because she didn’t really know what else to do, and continuing with school just wasn’t motivating her. It’ll take her about 4 years to be successful in the field she has chosen and her biggest motivation is to leave Chicago and move on to bigger things life has planned for her. “My hopes and dreams for the next couple of years are to survive and make it through whatever life throws at me”.  

Rafael Morales is anxiously awaiting to graduate and enlist in the Marines. Rafael stated that not much thought went into deciding that he wanted to enlist, other than the fact that he knew he didn’t want to go to college, “I just woke up one day and decided I wanted to enlist.”It’ll take him 8 years to be successful in the supply warehouse  field he has chosen to pursue. “My senior year so far hasn’t been all that great,in other words it sucks.” His biggest motivation is to be successful, be able to support his family and “ to have a home with food, where I can live peacefully.” His biggest hopes and dreams for the months to come are to stay alive, motivated and successful and get everything he puts his mind to.