Young Artist: Karla Ariza


Young artists at MLA are very talented and say that there are unique ways to show emotion and attitude. These young artists have been through a lot and would like you to know a little bit about them and what they think and feel when they draw. So stay tuned to this artist’s profile. Let’s begin…

Karla Ariza was born on January 8th, 2007, Karla Is an AP Art student at MLA, and her specialty in AP art is 2D art with colored pencils and charcoal pencils. Layering and shading are used repeatedly in her artwork. The theme of her art is mental illness and anxiety, and what other people feel. Each one of Karla’s artworks is done in 1 day to 3 weeks. Depending on how she feels about the artwork. 

Like all artists, they have an artwork they are proud of in this case the artwork she is most proud of is her Childhood PTSD artwork. Other People say Karla has great skill in shading and layering she puts a lot of detail into her artwork. Karla Gets inspiration from drawing random shapes. Then she sees what it looks like and then she starts drawing what she sees. Karla does not have a specific shape she uses she mostly uses all the shapes. The art is shared on the website brings joy to her knowing she shares her art with people who may be going through similar situations Being on the website she feels happy she can share her art with others because maybe they are going through something similar. 

Karla tries not to think how she feels and goes with the flow, no feeling only when doing art, calm, and listening to music. Finally, Karla wants to let everyone know, “all artwork no matter how good or bad is always good because you express yourself with art.” Art is art and you use your imagination and heart so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Karla is very talented and has amazing artwork and a great way of doing things, and is proud of her artwork. They all have a hard and strong meaning and she is proud to put them on our website we should be amused by what she is capable