Anime/K-pop Club


students from the anime / K-pop club create posters advertising the club


The Anime and K-Pop club is a club that values inclusivity they are very big on welcoming anyone interested to join them every Tuesday after school in room 124  where they listen to K-pop music, play games such as Monopoly and K-hoot (anime/k pop quiz), and watch anime. Overall, the club is a safe space for kids come to relax and be with friends after school and also to learn more about Korean and Japanese culture.

clubs members playing board games


The teachers who run the club are Ms. O’Malley and Ms. Sapa.  Ms. Sapa used to run the club last year when it was just K-pop; K-pop and anime were two different clubs but the teacher running anime was leaving the school and had no one to run the club so decided to combine the two into one. Ms. Sapa also has plans for the future of the club and wants to bring in food from amine culture (for example, maybe the club can make famous ( noodles from Naruto) as an activity. Sapa’s passion for K-pop started from a crush she had on a K-pop group member   


Club member drawing anime characters

Judas Diaz, president of the anime club, has been part of the anime club before it became anime/ k-pop and isn’t a huge fan of k-pop because he hasn’t really heard any music he likes but he is open to hearing more and finding a style of k-pop he might like. Judas has been into anime for a few years his interest in anime started when his uncle recommended My Hero Academia a few years back and has been a fan ever since