Grade Level Field Trips

If you are an 8th grader, it seems you are winning the field trip lottery with two trips already and two more planned. Ms. Aulisio notes,  “For the 8th grade, we try to do a field trip every quarter.” They have so far done two trips. The first was to the theatre with the 7th grade to watch Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever and the second was to Martin Luther King Entertainment Center which has bowling and roller skating. They plan to go bowling for the third quarter, and they have a more formal graduation luncheon for the 4th where students and teachers will be able to dance. 

Another reason that 8th graders are more fortunate than most other grades when it comes to field trips is that all students get to attend unless there have been previous discipline issues. In addition to the four trips, the 7th and 8th graders will have a trip planned to Milwaukee, Wisconsin where they will visit the Discovery Center, the Milwaukee Zoo, and StoneFire Pizza.

The Freshmen went to the Field Museum on the 3rd of December. All Freshmen were able to attend as part of a science assignment. More field trips are scheduled. Ms. Tarau noted th

at she is “Not sure when” but the qualifications for “the next field trip will be based on GPA.”

The Sophomores were able to vote on a new years trip and ultimately chose Shedd Aquarium for February 24, 2023. More than 40% of the students chose Shedd Aquarium. The qualifications were to have no F’s in progress reports, no more than 2 behavior right-ups, and no more than 6 tardies.

The 2nd quarter Senior Trip was to see Disney on Ice. The trip went well with nothing but positive things to say about the well-waited trip. The trip was held on January 27th, to qualify you needed to have no D’s or F’s in any classes. Half of the students that went on the trip were Juniors since not enough seniors chose to go, according to a document provided by Mr. Eagle showing who was going. The next trip is to Main Event which is an arcade with many different activities ranging from VR to Laser Tag. The date is to be determined. To qualify you need less than four on KYN (Know your Numbers).