Summary Of The Girls Volleyball Season


A very challenging season for the Girl’s volleyball season has ended with  4 wins and 4 losses in the conference in division 1 and 4-5 overall in the season. The Lady Bulldogs overall placed 6th place in the conference. 

According to the team’s coach mid-season, Ms. Barnes, she was expecting to “uphold the legacy… keep the Bulldogs on top. Last year was our first in 13 years winning the conference so I’m hoping we can do that as well.” Unfortunately, they did not win the conference, but perhaps that is because of the many big changes the team went through.

Looking back to their previous seasons, the lady bulldogs did average out to be between 4th to 3rd place. This year they placed 6th place but despite the placement, the Lady Bulldogs worked hard. 

The team had a lot of big changes, such as having a new coach for the season, having specific positions, and trying to do rotations as a team. Even if they didn’t place in the top 3, they overall did a good job and demonstrated their effort and passion to the sport despite the big changes the team had to go through. Having passion, dedication, and communication is and was key to the team’s gameplay. 

The libero of the team, Shadaly, said that she was  “very hopeful for this season. The team is looking good…with a lot of practice they put in, it’s looking like a good season this year.¨ Practice makes what we call ¨perfection¨ and the team has practiced every day and works hard.