MLA Special Olympics field trip


Members if the high school girls basketball team at the field trip.

On Thursday, January 19, the marine Leadership Academy high school girls, middle school girls, and middle school boys basketball teams attended the Special Olympics field trip along with their respective coaches. This event took place from 10 am – 1 pm at the Wintrust Sports Complex in Bedford Park.
The field trip consisted of many different events and activities the students were able to participate in. MLA students helped run the skill-based events. During the Special Olympics field trip, there were three events in all: dribbling, passing, and shooting.
During the dribbling event, the MLA students were in charge of timing the Special Olympics athletes for how fast they could dribble the ball up and down the court. Later for the shooting event, the athletes were able to take 10 shots and the students wrote down how many shots they made and helped get the rebounds and put them in the correct spots to shoot. And lastly, as for the passing event, the athletes passed a ball at a target on the wall and wrote down whether they were able to hit the target. The students then helped get all the balls back and organized the athletes into a line and called their names when it was their turn.

“After the events were over, we helped celebrate the winners at the awards ceremony by making a high five line and cheering them on.” said Coach Tipre..

I interviewed student Paola Cardenas-Ramirez, a student who attended the Special Olympics Fieldtrip, about her experience during this whole event.

Was the field trip fun?
Paola: Yes

Was the field trip helpful?
Paola: Yes

Did you learn anything when on the field trip?
Paola: Yes because I got to meet new people.

Was it nice to be able to gather with students from other schools?
Paola: Yes and everyone was nice too.

Would you like to take another field trip like this one?
Paola: Yup

The field trip was clearly a good learning experience and opportunity for the students. It was all around a fun and insightful trip. According to Coach Tipre, there will also be a soccer event coming up on February 7th.