Student of the Semester: 10th Anais Gregorio

A picture of the Student of the 1st Semester

A picture of the Student of the 1st Semester

MLA NEWS: What kind of person is this student in and out of class? Any Interest?

Ms.Weimholt: “Anais is a dog lover and it means a lot to her and her family, they get along really well and are very supportive of her family.”

MLA NEWS: How do you think the student of the semester felt about getting this recognition?

Ms.Weimholt: “Anais is humble and shy, so she might not necessarily love the attention, but it is good to recognize her for her hard work.”

MLA NEWS: Do you think it’s essential for cadets to strive for?

Ms.Weimholt: “Absolutely. I think it’s excellent to honor the positive behaviors that we want to see in all of our students so they can emulate those behaviors.”

MLA NEWS: What did the student do to receive this award?

Ms.Weimholt: “Anais is a very consistent, hard-working student who never misses an assignment and who is here almost every day, great attendance, she is very kind, very considerate of her classmates, she never says a poor word about anyone. Overall a great human being, on top of that a great work ethic and willingness to be tuned-in with what the class is doing”

MLA NEWS: What does this  award mean to you?

Ms.Weimholt: “Student of the semester is a student who embodies the values that we would like all cadets to attain.”

MLA NEWS: What advice can you give to the other students?

Ms.Weimholt: “Show up and envision how you want the end to be, be thinking of the future to help you get through the now.”