Metal Brothers Club

As you pass by the hallway on the 3rd floor near Mr.Eagle’s you hear this music and wonder what it is so you look in the window at the door and look inside the classroom you see a group of students jamming to their favorite rock bands: Metallica, Iron Maiden, and other groups. You see students doing their work and playing fun games and hanging out socializing. What club is this you ask? Well, this club is The Metal Brothers Club.

Metal Brothers were opened by president Daniel Estrada and vice president Vazquez, Mateo. This club is about rock music and people who enjoy this genre of music. Metal Brothers is a club that is welcoming even if you are not into heavy metal and the club was made so students can listen to their favorite songs and do work.

According to Mr.Eagle, he hosts the club because “a variety of clubs help to create a better atmosphere,” because it will allow students to explore more interests, meet other students, and build a better community.

Similarly, Club President Daniel Estrada says the reason that he wanted to open this club was that he knew that he was not feeling included in the clubs so he decided to create a club that would welcome all students. He says the students feel welcomed and he feels proud the club takes other opportunities not just listening to music he says this music helps him a lot because he feels less stressed and he thinks the students have a fun time in the club.

According to Club Vice President, Mateo Vazquez, the reason why he was to favor the president is that they really wanted everyone to feel welcomed and that they belong somewhere. He says he feels that there should be more clubs at MLA.

In conclusion, students should join this club because they are welcoming and free to any student whether they like the music or not and they should be a part of the club, especially people who enjoy the music.