Student of the Semester: 9th Michelle Nolte

 As students keep up the great work throughout the semester, given the classwork/homework for 7 other classes let alone their favorite subject in school. We should give recognition when students do more of what is asked of them. These students should not only deserve to be announced for their academic and attendance accomplishments but participation in the classroom and work ethic.

MLA NEWS: Do you know who won Student of the First Semester?

Mr. Ramirez: ”Yes I do not have this student currently but I did have this student [Michelle Nolte] as an 8th grader in my class.”

MLA NEWS: What does a student of the semester sound like? Act like? Explain in as much detail as you can.

Mr. Ramirez: “They go above and beyond what is asked of them and it is somebody who is aware of their role in class, and school. And being part as a whole of Marine Leadership ”

MLA NEWS: Have you ever seen a student not get any recognition for the Student of the Semester, that you think that student should be known for the second semester? Explain

Mr. Ramirez: “There are a lot of students who just go above and beyond and students are not worried about being a student of the quarter and they are go-getters they got grit. So, we have quite a few students like that.”

MLA NEWS: How often would you see this student? Do you have this student in your class?

Mr. Ramirez: “I currently do not have the student in my class, but I did have the student in my class last year. This ties to why they become students of the semester because the student was an 8th grader taking a freshman course for which they have gotten the freshman credit. Most importantly, they excelled at it so they did a wonderful job there I am fully aware of who they are academically and they go above and beyond, more than just doing homework but thoughtful. They take on those leadership roles and that person is more vocal.”

MLA NEWS: If you had to change one thing about the condition/requirement to get the Student of the Semester what would it be?

Mr. Ramirez: ”I’m not sure but We discuss who we see and we in the classroom there are some for that”

MLA NEWS: What is your input/opinion on Student of the Semester? Explain

Mr. Ramirez: “The awards are nice at times because it is nice to be recognized for the work that you do, I know not everyone likes the spotlight but at the same time it is nice to be recognized especially for all the hard work that these students do.”