MLA 2022 Community Day


Multiple students engaging in playing UNO.

Monopoly during Community Day.

     Big news and improvement for the MLA community.  The second Community Day of 2022 has happened. MLA decided to do it a day before students went onto winter break to have the last day of school of the year 2022 be fun. Students were able to engage with their peers and do what they enjoy while being at school.

     On Thursday, December 22 2023 we had our very first successful community day after 3 years, the previous community day was not as successful as the one we had in December.  When the pandemic strikes USA a lot of things had to change due to the safety of the students and peers. I went ahead and interviewed a couple of peers who attended community day. One of them is a teacher, Mr. Henderer, and the other one is a  fellow student, Juan Maya who attended community day. 

     Juan Maya has attended MLA for 4 years now and is a part of the 2023 senior class. I went ahead and asked Juan Maya a couple of questions regarding community day. The questions I asked him were, “What activities did you attend?” His response was “The activities I attended were the award ceremony, Art therapy, and gym/volleyball.” Juan was asked if he received the activities he chose on the Google form. He indeed did not receive the activities he chose, he stated that he got completely different activities than what he had chosen but that didn’t concern him. I asked Juan what would he like to see for the next community day if he wants to see any improvements or was the previous community day an overall positive day. His response was “ For the next community day, I expect it to be the same where we have 3 different activities throughout the day.” Overall the positive feedback we got from Juan was that it was a fun day because he got to do things he liked and enjoyed.

       Mr. Henderer is a former MLA teacher. I went ahead and asked him a couple of questions, Mr. Henderer realized that there was more participation this year than in previous years he has attended community day. A suggestion Mr. Henderer had for community day to be improved was to have students be part of the organization more, students to be in charge of selecting, organizing, and running activities, he said by doing this students will be able to develop leadership skills and be engaged more with the student community. A couple of suggestions Mr. Henderer had for community day to be improved and bettered were more rotations between activities, more incentive food, and students to be more engaged with activity planning. 

      Overall, students had the opportunity to be able to have fun in school before they went on to winter break the next day. This is important after coming back from COVID and not having students

present in the building for over a year. While the last community day was pretty bumpy, MLA managed to make one a couple of months after and it was a major success for the MLA community and staff.