Seniors Going Places

Julio Escobar

Seniors Going Places 

We are in January of 2023 which is a really exciting time for our MLA Seniors. They have only four months to go before they are out and pursuing their dreams. Below are three of our seniors who are sharing with us their plans after high school.

Julio Escobar, Jenise Edwards, & Gabriel Cruz, & to the class of 2023, We are one team, one fight!


Interviewee: Julio Escobar (Senior)

Julio Escobar is currently a senior in high school, who is patiently waiting for graduation. He’s been accepted to Roosevelt University & Cleveland State university. “So far my decision is leaning towards Roosevelt because it’s closer to home, which means I won’t have to commute far.” Julio’s major is in between Photography or Engineering, but he feels Engineering might be the way to go because there are more job opportunities  and they pay more. If Julio chooses to go for an Engineering Major it will take him 6-7 years of  combined education and experience to actually become an Engineer. “Some of my hopes and dreams are to finish high school, Graduate, Go off to college and see where that gets me.”


Interviewee: Jenise Edwards (Senior)

Jenise is currently a senior in highschool who is anxiously awaiting graduation. She is hoping to major in Criminal Justice. Jenise has been accepted to Dominican University and Concordia University. She has decided Concordia is her preferred place to study, “The way I made my decision between Concordia and Dominican was that Concordia has less people, they are also a religion based college which keeps me closer to my religion, they also have dance which the dance team is more like family and I really like that.” It will take Jenise about four years to earn her bachelor’s + three years of law school to be a full professional lawyer by the time she is 25. Concordia also offered her a scholarship, where she will be paying very little out of pocket. “I Hope to stay on track, and focus. No distractions!”


Interviewee: Gabriel Cruz (Senior)

Gabriel Cruz is a senior in high school desperately waiting for graduation, and ready to take his next step in life. Gabriel has been accepted to Louis university, Dominican University, Depaul University, Concordia University, & North Park University. He has made the decision to go to Louise University considering they offered him a $19,500 scholarship. “I’m going to major in aviation flight technology, which is kind of a fancy way of saying training to become a pilot.” He will graduate within four years, and two years after his graduation he will be able to actually go out and start piloting. “Honestly I just hope that I’m able to start my career, live a stable life, and just do whatever I want.”