“Unfocused Sports Players Don’t Do Their Work in Class”

Unfocused Sports Players Don’t Do Their Work in Class

On a Friday a few hours before a football game that will happen at 4:30 The football team had the opportunity to wear their jerseys. Instead of doing their work in 4th Period English by reading the book “Born a Crime” by Trevor Noah they decide to talk or take a nap or do things they were not supposed to do. You can feel their attitude toward the teachers. The English teacher gets furious because the sports player is not doing their work and class, and most of the teams are failing his class.


This is not what a student should do even when playing sports. All students including sports members should be participating equally no matter if they play any sports they must remember to do their work in any of their classes throughout the day. They have time for everything, Why just focus on one thing? Why not go to class or do your work? They have practice after school every day and are exhausted, panting is heard all around the field, and The player sweating like popsicles on the 4th of July. The next day they wake up with back pain and with no energy. Players come to school half asleep stressing about their game in the evening, Players are so tired that you can see their faces in exhaustion. They feel so tired that they fall asleep in class


Phyllis L. Fagell a high school math teacher states” sports in my district seem to take over everything else, including academics. It seems like my students are constantly leaving early for a baseball, basketball, or football game. It’s disruptive and disrespectful, and I don’t understand why this is allowed in a school. Sure, sports are great, but the students are primarily here to learn. And it doesn’t stop at leaving early these kids are practicing hours upon hours every day and showing up for my class unprepared and exhausted. They’re so overextended, and it’s enough already.”(Fagelln 2018) 

According to Jared Chester a coach at a school, out of 100 about 60 students are athletes. But they get unfocused because they are thinking about their game too much and can’t focus causing them not to be focused and not doing their work in class.

According to Joe Skura, a principal of a school in new york, Allowing students with poor grades to participate in athletics means they don’t have to strive for more. For many students, athletics is the carrot dangled in front of them to keep them working and motivated in the classroom. Simply accepting a D is taking away that expectation of doing better to stay involved. This shows that they think just because they are on a team/play a sport they can forget about their classes and that is not the case.


Overall sports can affect your grade in a negative and positive way. Positive because you are more awake in class and you enjoy what you do and what you want. Negative because you may get unfocused on important things like school. All students should play sports and focus at the same time.