The Beauty Of French


The mission of French class and the French club at our school is to be able to speak it for fun or to be bilingual or trilingual. The mission is also to let others know and explore a culture that is not their own and therefore show the beauty of the language and culture.

At MLA all the students can take world language. World Language offerings have expanded this year to include French in addition to Spanish.

 students are happy with their French class because they learn about a different culture that is not theirs. 

Ms. Higgins teaches French at MLA and also has a French club after school every Wednesday. Ms. Higgins notes that students are motivated to be in French because they play fun games and do activities to motivate students to be able to learn French. Ms.Higgins stated students get more excited when they attend French because they really want to learn the language.”  Ms. Higgins also tries to encourage total beginners, stating, “you do not have to be from a country to learn a language, you just have to try your best.”

Ms.Higgins said she is proud of each and every one of her students because they have shown dedication and motivation to learn french and even if it takes them a while to learn the language they will eventually learn it and will be able to manage the language very easily and be able to speak it kind of fluently especially if they take the language for many years.

Ms. Higgins is actually not French; she is from the U.S. and most of her siblings speak Spanish, but she wanted to be different and speak a language and learn a different culture. Ms.Higgins was first a teacher but then became a principal. While she was a principal she said that she missed being a teacher because she didn’t have fun with her students so she decided to be a teacher again but this time she would teach French and now she is the French teacher at MLA.