MLA Citywide Drill Competition


The MLA Drill Team is a competitive ROTC team that forms into a group formation where they react and take action into the command that makes them do precise and accurate movements. The Drill team just finished competing in their City Wide Drill competition this past Saturday. The competition held two different types of events, one for the Drill Team and one for the Color Guard team. The Drill Team had to perform different types of formations and drill movements while the Color Guard had to perform with rifles and flags. The standings are still yet to be decided, but soon will be released.

MLA News: What is the Drill Team ?

First Sergeant Washington : A team that emphasizes on the conduct of basic drill. Basic drill and facing movements to build morale and discipline.

MLA News: What qualities do you need to have in the drill team ?

First Sergeant Washington : Patience, Integrity, Coordination and Motivation.

MLA News: What do you look for in someone to be the Captain of the drill team ?

First Sergeant Washington: You have to want to be the first one in and the last one out on a daily basis, the one that wants to learn and put themselves in uncomfortable positions in front of a loud audience to enhance themselves to be better.

MLA News: How have you done in your competitions before ?

First Sergeant Washington: Outstanding, we have placed in every competition.

MLA News: What was your highest placing ?

First Sergeant Washington: 2nd place.

MLA News: How do you feel about your team and their spirit this year ?

First Sergeant Washington: This is my top one team of them all, after being here at MLA for 7 years.

How many competitions do you have this year ?

First Sergeant Washington: This year we have 5.

MLA News: What are your expectations for each competition ?

First Sergeant Washington: It really doesn’t matter because they are a young team, I just want them to go out there and have fun and to enjoy.

MLA News: What’s different about this team this year than other previous teams before ?

First Sergeant Washington: This year the comrade is stronger than it was in previous years.

MLA News: What are you most excited about this year ?

First Sergeant Washington: What I am most excited about this year is that majority of the team, this is their first time being on any type of team so when they learn they want to learn it right the first time, they don’t have to go back and fix bad habits, so when I look at this team knowing majority of them are in the 1oth grade, by the time they get to their senior year the sky is the limit for them.

MLA News: How does it make you feel that you have middle school on the team ?

First Sergeant Washington: It goes to show that we’re doing something right because when you do drill your’re going to be on your feet more, they’re going to get tired, they’re going to be frustrated but it is all worth it.

MLA News: Who are your Team Captains ?

First Sergeant Washington: I have three Captains, the Top Captain is Cadet Captain Nolasco, and the Co-Captains are Cadet Captain Rodriguez and Cadet Major Garcia.

MLA News: What did you see in them that made you want to pick them as Captains ?

First Sergeant Washington: The three Captains I have now I was currently their 7th grade military instructor, and they had the determination when they were in the 7th grade so my mentality was why not put them in a situation where they can display what they did in the 7th grade.

MLA News: Which Competition are you most excited for this year ?

The All City Competition, that’s where we’re going to whoop them down and take names.