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4 FC Barcelona players celebrating a victory against rival team: again!
FC Barcelona Triumphs All
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8th Cadet of the Quarter, Jennifer Vazquez
Cadet of the First Quarter- 8th, 10th, and 11th Grade
David Fernandez, Writer
Semester One Ends
End Of semester 1
Hopefully you got all your grades up
Senior's Countdown
Senior Grades Due
Graduation is around the corner!
Film class teaches cadets that their is a future in movies.
MLA’S Film Class Exists and Thrives
MLA News - Art Class Interview
MLA News - Art Class Interview
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Who will win the World Cup?


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Josue Villalta, Author • December 6, 2022

At 3:30 o'clock in the afternoon the soccer team is doing practice drills until you hear WATCH OUT! A brown football spinning through the air landing in between the soccer drills having to start all over...

In a world where littering is always an issue. What affects does it have on humans.
The Problem With Littering
Juan Maya , Author • November 18, 2022

Driving in the afternoon, on my way home I look out the window and see trash everywhere. Plastic bags flying around drifting through the wind. Any kind of plastic rolling on the ground, whether it's cups,...

Should we risk our health for a grade? While temperatures are lowering we struggle to keep our grades from doing the same.
Cold Temperatures Should Result in Indoor Formation
David Fernandez, Author • November 14, 2022

You enter the warm school at 7:25 am as an MLA student. You were just in the cold outside where you could see your breath. The school-issued gortex that is used for formation barely warms you up. Even...

Fs take away the fun and excitement out of learning.
Why the current grading system is detrimental to the education of our youth
Ariana Serrano, Author • November 14, 2022

  Waking up for school at 6 o’clock on a Friday morning. Only 3-4 hours of sleep after studying all night for an upcoming math test. Exhausted. Drowsy. Dazed. Arriving at school an hour later...

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senior grades due
Graduation is around the corner
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